Command Reference

Service Commands

  • rocketpool service start: Start the Smart Node containers
  • rocketpool service pause: Stop the execution of the Smart Node containers
  • rocketpool service stop: Stop the execution of and remove all Smart Node containers and their state
  • rocketpool service scale [service=NUM]: Scale the number of containers for a Smart Node service
  • rocketpool service config: Reconfigure the Smart Node service (requires restart for changes to take effect)
  • rocketpool service logs [services]: View the logs for the Smart Node stack or for an individual container
  • rocketpool service stats: View resource usage statistics for the Smart Node stack

Node Commands

  • rocketpool node status: View the node’s status and balances
  • rocketpool node init: Initialise the node with a password and an account
  • rocketpool node register: Register the node with Rocket Pool
  • rocketpool node withdraw [amount] [unit]: Withdraw the specified amount of ETH or RPL from the node contract
  • rocketpool node send [address] [amount] [unit]: Send the specified amount of ETH, rETH or RPL from the node account to the specified address
  • rocketpool node timezone: Change the timezone location the node is registered under

Faucet Commands

  • rocketpool faucet allowance: Check your ETH and RPL faucet allowances
  • rocketpool faucet withdraw [amount] [unit]: Withdraw the specified amount of ETH or RPL from the faucet to your node account

Node Fee Commands

  • rocketpool fee display: Display the current network user fee and the target user fee to vote for
  • rocketpool fee set [percent]: Set the target user fee percentage to vote for

Deposit Commands

  • rocketpool deposit required: View the current network RPL requirements and utilization stats
  • rocketpool deposit make [duration]: Make a deposit for the specified staking duration

Minipool Commands

  • rocketpool minipool status [filter]: Check the status of all minipools owned by the node, optionally filtered by status
  • rocketpool minipool withdraw: Withdraw ETH or rETH and RPL from withdrawn or stalled minipools