Command Reference

Service Commands

  • rocketpool service install: Install the Rocket Pool service either locally or to a remote server
  • rocketpool service config: Configure the Rocket Pool service and select Eth 1.0 and Eth 2.0 clients
  • rocketpool service status: Display the current status of the Rocket Pool service
  • rocketpool service start: Start the Rocket Pool service to begin running a smart node
  • rocketpool service pause: Pause the Rocket Pool service temporarily
  • rocketpool service stop: Stop the Rocket Pool service and remove all associated docker containers
  • rocketpool service logs [services...]: View the logs for one or more services running as part of the docker stack
  • rocketpool service stats: Display resource usage statistics for the Rocket Pool service

Wallet Commands

  • rocketpool wallet status: Display the current status of the node’s wallet
  • rocketpool wallet init: Initialize the node’s password and wallet
  • rocketpool wallet recover: Recover a node wallet from a mnemonic phrase
  • rocketpool wallet export: Display the node password and wallet file contents

Node Commands

  • rocketpool node status: Display the current status of the node
  • rocketpool node register: Register the node with the Rocket Pool network
  • rocketpool node set-timezone: Update the node’s timezone location
  • rocketpool node deposit: Make a deposit to create a minipool and begin staking
  • rocketpool node send [amount] [token] [to]: Send an amount of ETH or tokens to an address

Minipool Commands

  • rocketpool minipool status: Display the current status of all minipools run by the node
  • rocketpool minipool refund: Refund ETH from minipools which have had user-deposited ETH assigned to them
  • rocketpool minipool dissolve: Dissolve initialized minipools and recover deposited ETH from them
  • rocketpool minipool withdraw: Withdraw rewards from minipools which have finished staking and close them
  • rocketpool minipool close: Close minipools which have timed out and been dissolved

Miscellaneous Commands

  • rocketpool network node-fee: Display the current network node commission rate for new minipools
  • rocketpool queue status: Display the current status of the deposit pool
  • rocketpool queue process: Process the deposit pool by assigning user-deposited ETH to available minipools
  • rocketpool faucet withdraw [token]: Withdraw ETH or tokens from the Rocket Pool faucet (beta only)